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The "updated version available" link doesn't have the game available.

thx, hsa a real cool retro style @TEAMONE :)

i require a sequel!

That is a really cool game! I think you should continue developing this


Thank you! I actually continue developing, hope to publish new version in 2-3 weeks


Watch Jam Game Showcase 2020-03-22 ~ Duality Jam from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Great Game!! The mechanic is really unique and fun!!

Really great game! You guys were in my latest video!

Great fun!  I love the look, and the feel of the controls is just right.  The key concepts are introduced at just the right pace.  The snarky comments when you die are good fun, too.  If I have any suggestion to make, it's only to please, punctuate "it's" properly.  :)

Nice game))


> The time for coming up with an idea, making a design doc, compiling the game and publishing it etc. does not count in the 3 hours you have

I think 3 hours is short enough for making a game without having to worry about making the page too!

Great job with this - I believed "one more level" each time I saw it and kept being surprised by how much content you managed to make. The music, art and gameplay all worked together nicely too.


Lol, Rick & Morty portals