The developer has not uploaded a game yet...

Terrario, it's a game where terraria meets factorio. Survive, build a megafactory, protect it, fight bosses, explire infinite world... 

Key features

  •   Broke and build blocks
  •   Mine resource
  •   Smelting & crafting
  •   Dual wielding. You can hold items in both hands and use them simultaneously.
  •   Two-handed use for tools. Hold tool in both hands to use special ability

Game in development

The game is in active development. This demo contains only a small portion of the planned content. In addition, during the game, you can find errors and bugs.

What to expect from the full version

  •   Much bigger world with random generation
  •   Automation with assemblers, conveyors and inserters
  •   Enemies and battles
  •   Bosses
  •   Dungeons with loot
  •   RPG-like progression
  •   Research new tech
  •   More supported languages
  •   Gamepad control?
  •   Android/Web port?
  •   Multiplayer?

Controls and supported input devices

  •  You can play only with a keyboard and mouse for now
  •  WASD - move
  •  Space - jump
  •  E - dash
  •  Tab - open/close inventory and crafts
  •  Mouse - aim
  •  LBM - use item in left hand
  •  RMB - use item in right hand
  •  1..0 - select item in left hand
  •  Shift + 1..0 - select item in right hand
  •  Click on toolbar with LMB or RMB to select item. Click with middle mouse button to hold item in both hands