A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are in the middle age virus created by evil magician. Protect your main heart and destroy naughty humans. Buy new buildings and hire units.

  •  WASD keys to move camera
  • Use mouse drag & RMB to control units. They will attack automatically, if the enemy is nearby
  • Click on building in right panel to build it. After building image become filled click on it again and place it.
  • Click on build/hire buttons to change panel layout. You can hire units after building barracks. Barracks can be build after blood producer
  • Do not let blood pressure become low than zero, by building more blood producers

Play game in 1920x1080, becouse UI can completly broke in smaller resolution


  • Main heart - produce blood and meat
  • Blood producer - produce blood
  • Meat producer -  produce meat
  •  Barracks - allow to hire eye
  • Defence center - allow to build wall
  • Wall - just block way for enemies
  • Eye - basic and only one unit in game. In 2 times weaker than enemy


@Team-on - Programming

@Long-as-Python - Sprites & Art

Install instructions

Available in Windows, Linux, OSX and Web. If you encounter any problem, please leave a comment!


[Windows] BloodVirus.rar 16 MB
[Linux] Bloodvirus.zip 21 MB
[OSX] Bloodvirus.zip 20 MB

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