WASD - move


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[Windows 32] Hoverboard 1.0 25 MB
[Windows 64] Hoverboard 1.0 28 MB
[Linux] Hoverboard 1.0 33 MB
[OSX] Hoverboard 1.0 30 MB
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I totally flew off the ma

Nice technical demo, I think it would feel better if above a certain speed it start to become a bit harder to turn while accelerating, you could also add dome animation to the character depending on how it's trying to move, like tilting forward when accelerating or lowering their body when they are moving fast. You could add some obstacles and reference points, that way it would be more fun to just go around and explore new places to try and discover things. The music is great.


Maybe you should mention in the description the controller support. It is an OK game, just something you would play around with, not something that would be really enjoyed