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It's a original version that was submitted to Ludum Dare 48. Updated version avaliable here: https://teamon.itch.io/terrario?secret=1rOs3Vw4hpEmCkJX0hPq669h1W8

Terrario, it's a game where terraria meets factorio. Survive, build a megafactory, protect it, fight bosses, explire infinite world... 

Key features

  •   Broke and build blocks
  •   Mine resource
  •   Smelting & crafting
  •   Dual wielding. You can hold items in both hands and use them simultaneously.
  •   Two-handed use for tools. Hold tool in both hands to use special ability

Game in development

The game is in active development. This demo contains only a small portion of the planned content. In addition, during the game, you can find errors and bugs.

What to expect from the full version

  •   Much bigger world with random generation
  •   Automation with assemblers, conveyors and inserters
  •   Enemies and battles
  •   Bosses
  •   Dungeons with loot
  •   RPG-like progression
  •   Research new tech
  •   More supported languages
  •   Gamepad control?
  •   Android/Web port?
  •   Multiplayer?

Controls and supported input devices

  •  You can play only with a keyboard and mouse for now
  •  WASD - move
  •  Space - jump
  •  E - dash
  •  Tab - open/close inventory and crafts
  •  Mouse - aim
  •  LBM - use item in left hand
  •  RMB - use item in right hand
  •  1..0 - select item in left hand
  •  Shift + 1..0 - select item in right hand
  •  Click on toolbar with LMB or RMB to select item. Click with middle mouse button to hold item in both hands


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[Windows 32 bit] Terrario 26 MB
Version 0.12 - Jam edition polish - UI & Crafting (5/14/2021)
[Windows 64 bit] Terrario 30 MB
Version 0.12 - Jam edition polish - UI & Crafting (5/14/2021)
[Linux] Terrario 41 MB
Version 0.12 - Jam edition polish - UI & Crafting (5/14/2021)
[OSX] Terrario 35 MB
Version 0.12 - Jam edition polish - UI & Crafting (5/14/2021)
[Source code]

Development log


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I fell off the map



As it is right now you can glitch into walls using ladders simply by walking towards the walls whilst climbing, also, it seems the platforms don't work the intended way, you cannot descend through them.  Also, the 5 stone to 2 ore craft is not useful, as ore does not seem to have a limit.

Thanks for feedback! Would fix ladder bug in next version, and replace ore’s craft with more usefull